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L'Art... Instrument et Expression des Transformations Sociales

The Moroccan Network of the Anna Lindh Foundation is organising an important gathering "Arts, Instruments & Expressions for Social Transformation" with civil society organisations from 7 Euro- Mediterranean countries in Taroudant, Morocco from the 10th to the 12th April 2014 with the support of the European Union and the local authorities of the Kingdom of Morocco.

The event is a key occasion for the Anna Lindh Networks of Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Morocco, Spain, Sweden and Tunisia to bring together more than 120 participants from 62 member organisations working in the field of culture and arts. It will be a momentum to gather active citizens from the both shores of the Mediterranean to network, reflect and celebrate the diversity of artistic expressions in the region.

El Habib Choubani, Moroccan Minister in charge of the relations with the Parliament and the civil society, will inaugurate the event along with over 50 Moroccan participants from different regions of the kingdom and representatives from the local authorities and the national media.

This initiative, which will take place at the Souss-Massa region, aims at mobilising the local civil society and creating opportunities for the local community to share and experience the variety of artistic instruments and expressions of the Euro-Mediterranean area through debates, workshops with schools, spaces for good practices, street performances, and arts exhibitions.

The Moroccan Network of the Anna Lindh Foundation, which has 225 members across the country in 40 cities, is coordinated by the International Centre for South-North Cooperation. The Moroccan Network initiated since 2011 fruitful cross-network collaboration with the Spanish Network, which evolved in implicating 5 other Anna Lindh Foundation Networks today.

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